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How to help your hair, skin and nail health

Posted on September 28 2018

How to help your hair, skin and nail health


Nobody wants dull hair, bad skin or brittle nails. Not only might lifeless hair or dry skin affect outward appearances, it can also have a massive effect on confidence and how you feel. It’s safe to say that the healthier we look, the healthier (and happier!) we feel. There are many things that might be having an impact on your hair or skin without you even realising. Here are some to consider.


Could your environment be damaging your skin?

The environment is one factor that we rarely consider, but the elements and climate we spend time in, whether hot or cold, can affect the skin all over your body.1 Colder climates can be tough on your skin, causing dry or rough patches. On the other end of the spectrum, warm weather can cause rashes or breakouts due to your skin sweating more. Watch out for skin damage in particularly hot or cold climates and keep yourself protected with SPF and PLENTY of moisturiser!



It's not just styling that’s harming your hair…

Having a bad hair day can be a recurring problem for those with damaged hair. If you’re fed up of dull, damaged hair, it’s worth having a think about underlying factors. Over styling and using too many products is one most of us are guilty of – in the process of trying to get glossier locks, you might be doing more damage than good. Emotional stress, hormones and diet can also play a role in our outward appearances.2 Ensuring your own health from the inside will have great benefits for your hair and skin health, too.


Can inner health impact outer appearance?

Growing healthy nails can seem to take forever and can feel even worse if your nails are easily damaged. When your nails are constantly breaking or brittle, this, too, can be a sign your diet isn’t providing enough essential vitamins.3 If you don’t get the nutrients your body needs, your nails can reflect this. If your diet isn’t giving you the vitamins you need, a supplement can be the best way to keep yourself topped up.



Which vitamins are best?

Biotin is a well-known supplement that contributes to the maintenance and health of hair, skin and nails, so adding this into your diet could be a step in the right direction. Our 10,000mcg Biotin tablets only need to be taken once a day to support your body from the inside out.

A perfect partner to support your hair, skin and nails is Selenium. This trace mineral plays an important role in the maintenance of the immune system and maintains the strength & growth of your hair & nails. Our Selenium supplement additionally contains Zinc, which is also great for supporting the maintenance of your hair, skin and nails, so you can benefit from absolute support in one easy to swallow, high strength tablet. When taken alongside Biotin, you’ll be actively supporting your immune system, metabolism, hair and nails. 


See the results for yourself…

So, if you’re looking for long-term results and aren’t sure where to start, you can’t go far wrong with our Biotin and Selenium supplements. Forget about bad hair days and get back on track to being the best version of yourself.



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