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How to run 10k in an hour

Posted on May 01 2020

How to run 10k in an hour

If you’ve heard of the 5k challenge or maybe you’ve already completed it, then this challenge is for you. Even as a beginner running 10k in under an hour is an achievable goal you can work towards with these steps.


If you’re a complete beginner and new to running, then don’t try and throw yourself in at the deep end. To start with go slow to get a feel for your comfort zone with short timed power walks or jogs rather than aiming to run a set distance. Once you have gauged your current level it’s easier to set attainable daily targets and gradually increase your distance. Working towards smaller incremental goals will help you stay motivated and reduce your risk of injury. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down with some light stretching and a brisk 5-minute walk before and after your run.


Running uses up a lot of energy, so it’s worth complementing your diet on training days. Give your body the fuel it needs to keep running with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates like potatoes and whole grains. Sugary snacks seem tempting for a quick energy boost but the associated sugar crash makes it harder to maintain your pace over a distance. It may also be worth considering a supplement such as magnesium glycinate to combat fatigue and help your body release energy.


Running requires very little gear to get started, but a decent pair of running shoes should be at the top of your kit list. It’s tempting to wear any old trainers but proper running shoes will be key to your training success. Of course, they should be comfortable but also provide enough support and cushioning for the type of surface you’ll be running on. To boost your comfort level, invest in quick-drying clothing that wicks moisture away from your body.

Mix it up

Don’t aim to run 10k every day or even as far as you can for an hour every day, as this is a sure-fire way to quickly kill motivation. Alternating a hard day followed by an easier one is a great way of keeping your training fresh and focused. You may find breaking down your sessions into jogging, running and sprinting is beneficial. If you feel your motivation dropping then try a different type of exercise or activity one day instead.

Map your route

This may sound like an obvious point with so many apps and trackers available now, but spending some time planning can work wonders for your running. Finding a great route will make your run a lot more enjoyable and keep it interesting. This is really down to personal preference, some people prefer trails, others love to pound the pavement. Likewise, you may enjoy the challenge of a hill, while others will prefer to run a flat circuit. Work out what kind of routes you enjoy the most and seek new ones to keep it interesting.

What to remember

Having incremental goals and a target like 10k to work towards will help make the most of your daily exercise. By following these tips you’ll be well on your way to being able to run 10k or even more in an hour, and that marathon on your bucket list is much closer to being ticked off.