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3 reasons to give mindfulness a go

Posted on June 12 2019

3 reasons to give mindfulness a go


Ready to make mindfulness a part of your routine? Or are you wondering if it’s really for you? If you’re curious to try mindfulness, or looking for motivation to stick at it, a few reminders of the benefits could give you a push in the right direction.

The theory behind being mindful is that by using different techniques, you can better pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and surroundings. When you’re being mindful, you simply notice your experiences without judging them, you’re aware of your feelings and thoughts but not caught up in them. It can teach you to be less emotionally reactive and more aware. By practicing mindfulness, you can benefit physically, psychologically and socially. Remember that it doesn’t have to be a chore, as there are plenty of simple steps to achieving mindfulness. With ever-busy lifestyles and mental health issues on the rise, mindfulness could be the answer to managing your mental wellbeing. Here’s why:




1) It can lower your stress levels

At one time or another, we all experience stress. Whether it’s money, family or work, everyday stress can have negative effects on your health if it’s not dealt with. Practicing mindfulness teaches you to better cope with life’s stressors. It allows you to observe what’s stressing you out, which means you’re less likely to get caught up in it. By becoming aware of your emotions and the situation you’re in, rather than reacting straight away, there’s a better chance of you responding calming and empathetically. When using mindful techniques, such as meditating or simply deep breathing, you’re taking the time to think about what you’re feeling and experiencing. By looking at things in a different way, you should be able to reframe how you experience and relate to stress.



2) It helps you focus

If you find yourself easily distracted, you’re not alone. It’s easier than ever to get distracted by our phones, watching TV, or simply whatever’s going on in the background. However, your ability to perform well and learn new skills depends on your focus, so it’s key to be able to concentrate when it matters most. You can practice this through mindfulness. Studies show that it can help you stay on task longer and sharpen your concentration, even under pressure.



3) It can help you sleep better

No matter how exhausted you are, sometimes you just can’t shut off and fall asleep. This is often because your mind is overactive. From worrying about waking up on time for work, to stressing about the worldwide effects of climate change, your thoughts can be hard to ignore, especially when you’re trying to get some shut-eye. The good news is, mindfulness can help calm your mind and make sure your thoughts don’t keep you up at night. Restful sleep depends on having a rested mind, so settling your mind by practicing mindful techniques can help you drift off.


 What to remember

These are just a few ways that practicing mindfulness can have a positive impact on your mental health. If you want to be present in the moment, minimize stress and perform to the best of your ability, mindful exercises can help. However you choose to do this, incorporating mindfulness into your life can make you happier and healthier, both inside and out.


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