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Fresh ways to kickstart your new year

Posted on January 29 2020

Fresh ways to kickstart your new year


With the New Year in full swing, it’s time to get real about resolutions. You’ve definitely made one or two before. You’ve probably stuck to a couple of them. But you might have ended up regretting making them, by the time February comes around and you’ve all but given up. So, before setting any far-fetched goals for 2020, consider a fresh perspective. Instead of getting hung up on hard-to-reach resolutions, focus on ways to motivate yourself without the pressure. Here are a few ideas to get you started.



Pick a theme

If the idea of super-specific goal-setting leaves you feeling overwhelmed, try concentrating on an overarching theme instead. Scrap that long list of things you just have to do this year, and make it all about your one-word theme. Think about what really resonates with you. You could choose ‘power’, and centre your year around the theme of getting stronger both mentally and physically. Or you could choose something like ‘gratitude’, and put this into practice by writing down something you are grateful for each day. Your theme for the year doesn’t have to include a checklist and doesn’t have to be centred around ‘doing’ things. Instead, it can be flexible around the actions you take to keep up with your theme.



Focus on intention

A new year’s resolution is pretty much a box to be checked off your list. Go to the gym? Check. Meal-prep every night? Check. Resolutions like this can end up leaving you feeling weighed down. Your intentions, on the other hand, are more about why you’re doing whatever’s on your to-do list. Rather than being attached to external outcomes, your intentions help you decide how to approach situations and decisions. For example, your intention might be ‘I intend to be in tune with the moment’. This might mean you incorporate a mindfulness practice into your routine, or make a conscious effort to listen more. This intention focuses more on internal power and long-term change, whereas a resolution focuses more on external (and sometimes short-lived) rewards.


Limit your resolutions

If you’re set on sticking to your new year’s resolutions, this is one thing you should keep in mind. Instead of overstretching and ending up burnt out, focus on a couple of realistic resolutions that you can set time aside for, and really focus on.  One of the most common problems you might face when it comes to keeping up with your goals, is aiming too high. Going from walking the dog to running a marathon is a nice idea, but a pretty big ask. So, instead, start small. You don’t have to complete your new year’s resolution by the end of January. Making small changes one after the other is a much more realistic way of doing it. And, you still have the chance to be a better you at the end of the year.



What to remember

It’s good to set yourself targets at the start of the new year, but make sure they’re not too much of a struggle. You’ll give yourself your best shot at success if you set a goal that’s doable. Think about your overarching aims rather than narrowing your focus. Choosing something looser like a theme, or an intention, means you’re more likely to achieve what you want. Whether it’s fitness, fulfilment, or learning something new, setting aims for the year ahead is bound to be a positive and successful way to ring in 2020.