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How should you take D-Mannose?

Posted on November 11 2020

How should you take D-Mannose?

Your choice of how to take D-Mannose can be a confusing one. D-Mannose can be taken as a tablet or pure powder and can also be found in the foods that we eat, but which is best to utilise the natural bladder support benefits of D-Mannose? Understanding the reality of a D-Mannose diet, as well as the benefits of tablets and powder will help you to choose which option is best for you.

Can I get D-Mannose from my diet?

D-mannose is found in several fruits and vegetables, however, you may find it challenging if you plan to get your D-Mannose from your diet alone. Eating cranberries and drinking cranberry juice is one of the most commonly believed myths around treating UTIs, but D-mannose makes up just 0.04% of the dry weight of cranberries.1 Needless to say, you would need to eat a LOT of cranberries to make the most of any D-Mannose benefits. D-Mannose can also be found in spent coffee-grounds which make up 19% of its dry weight.2 However, eating coffee-grounds for your D-Mannose needs may not be the best idea. Not only would it taste awful, but our bodies cannot effectively digest the coffee grounds to extract the D-mannose.


Benefits of taking D-Mannose as a tablet

If quick and easy access to your D-Mannose is what you need, then tablets are the way to go. When you feel a UTI coming on it’s easy to jump to panic stations. Tablets are simple to take and easy to carry around with you, whether it be to work, the gym or wherever you need. They can also be split in half for those who struggle with swallowing whole tablets.

woman drinking water

Benefits of taking D-Mannose as a powder

For many, taking a tablet is a hard pill to swallow. Many find it difficult or simply impossible to swallow a tablet, even when it is split in half. For those, powder may be the preferred way to take D-Mannose. Powder is very easy to take. It can be easily mixed and dissolved with water or juice and has a slightly mild sweet taste. Powder is also the most cost-effective way to buy D-Mannose which is important to note for those looking to use D-Mannose for continued bladder support.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing how to take your D-Mannose, there are a number of factors to consider. While D-Mannose is found in some foods in particular cranberries, the amount is so small that it simply isn’t a practical source of D-Mannose. The convenience of tablets will allow you to get a quick hit of D-Mannose while you’re on the go should you need urgent bladder support. Powders are ideal for people who struggle with tablet swallowing and those who wish to use D-Mannose for continued use due to its cost effectiveness.