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How to keep up your health goals this year

Posted on January 21 2019

How to keep up your health goals this year


Making a New Year’s resolution is a positive way to start your year off right, but it can sometimes be hard to stick to your goals. We’ve put together some ways you can keep up your resolutions to ensure the happiest and healthiest year possible.

Some of the most common resolutions revolve around:

-  Doing more exercise,

-  Eating more healthily,

-  and losing weight.

Setting any of these targets is bound to get your year off to a great start and will continue to improve your health throughout the year if you keep them up. Below, we discuss how to keep on track with your health resolutions all year long.




How to stay active

We all know physical activity benefits your body and mind. Regular exercise has loads of positive effects on your body, including reducing blood pressure, weight loss, stronger bones and reduced risk of heart problems.1 It’s also renowned for improving mood and reducing stress. Keeping active is a resolution you should try and stick to all year long.

Psychologists have found we're more likely to succeed if we break our resolution into smaller goals that are specific, measurable and time-based.2 So in terms of your exercise routine, this could mean taking an end goal, and breaking it down into manageable chunks. If you want to run a 10k for the first time, set goals to run slightly more each week. If you’re already a competent runner and want to improve your times, try and cut off a set number of seconds each time you train, rather than tackling your goal all at once. This is a more manageable way of attempting your resolution.




How to keep up a healthy diet

An improved diet can be part of the ‘new you’ change you've been aiming for. There are tons of essential nutrients you can get from food that support your brain function, manage stress, and just generally make you happier. Taking care of yourself by eating the right food is one of the most important long-term resolutions, and one that you should try and keep up throughout the year.

One way to keep on top of a healthy diet is to make a list of how achieving your resolution will help you. We all need the occasional reminder of why we should stick at our resolutions. If a better diet is your goal, breaking down why you want to do so can keep you on track. These reminders could be written down and put in places you’ll see them for continual positive reminders about why you want to do this. If you want to cut out sugar, write down why this would benefit you – healthier teeth, better digestion, or clearer skin, to name a few. It’s important to think about the end goal and how this will improve your health. This way, you’re less likely to let your resolution slide. Remind yourself why you’re doing this!




How to keep up your weight loss

Losing weight can be a tricky resolution to keep on top of, but one of the most rewarding. It takes time to lose weight and you need to motivate yourself throughout the journey. You can keep on top of your resolution by using the techniques we’ve already discussed. Remind yourself of all the benefits of exercise, such as increased energy and better moods. Make lists of your sub-goals and how you’re going to achieve this goal, step by step. 

One way you can keep up your weight loss resolution is to keep on top of your sleep, in order to fully recharge and be prepared for each day. Losing weight is massively impacted by the amount and quality of sleep you’re getting.3 It’s is important for your mental and physical health and will help you get the most out of your resolutions. Breaking it down into manageable chunks will make a routine easier to fall into. Instead of just promising yourself you’ll get to bed by 9, break your goal down so you can realistically achieve it. Make a list of different sleep techniques to try throughout the month – these could include relaxation exercises, a warm bath before bed, or listening to quiet music. Having a rested body and mind will ensure you’re ready to take on the challenge of your new year’s resolution each day.


What to remember

Whatever resolutions you make this year, make sure they’re ones that benefit both your body and mind. A happier you is the most important goal to aim for!



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