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Natural remedies for relaxation

Posted on November 08 2018

Natural remedies for relaxation


Rest and relaxation are key to a healthy lifestyle. If you’re setting goals for the new year, it’s important to recharge and ensure you give your body enough rest, so you’re able to tackle your goals to the best of your ability. 



Sometimes it’s hard to switch off and give yourself the rest you need. Feeling tense all the time can affect your physical and mental health[1], so it’s important to know how to relax your body & mind.

While we can’t always avoid getting burned out, there are ways to combat it. As well as practicing mindfulness or deep breathing regularly, eating a healthy diet and getting good exercise, several supplements and vitamins have been shown to help with relaxation.



Low energy and tiredness can leave you feeling less than your best, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep. Another way to reduce fatigue is by making sure you’re getting enough B Vitamins, which are known for keeping energy levels high.[2]

Our B-Complex is a combination of all eight essential B Vitamins, which are key for a healthy body and mind. They all have individual roles and are needed for everything from the healthy maintenance of brain cells, to the metabolism of carbohydrates. A deficiency in B Vitamins could have negative effects on your body, so it’s important to keep your intake of B Vitamins on the up.




Another essential mineral that’s great for relaxation is Magnesium. Magnesium is known for having positive effects on the body’s nerve and muscle function[3] and can also help you unwind and relax. Multiple studies have shown that magnesium is especially crucial for sleep.

We all know that a lack of sleep can result in crankiness, so getting enough magnesium not only helps improve sleep quality, but mood levels too. If you’re after a positive outlook in the new year (which will definitely help you keep going with your goals), a good night’s sleep could be the answer. 




If sleeplessness is wearing you down, it can be hard to feel relaxed at all. There’s a complicated relationship between mood and sleep as both effects the other. The compound 5-HTP has positive effects on both sleep and relaxation, as well as other bodily functions.[4] It’s not produced by our bodies and is only found in food in very small amounts, so taking it as a supplement is a reliable way to help your body produce more serotonin. Serotonin contributes to positive mood and restful sleep, keeping your body and mind at ease.


What to remember

It is important to keep in mind that the first line of defence against stress is your lifestyle. If you eat a balanced diet and have an active routine, you’re likely to be happier and more relaxed. However, even those who meditate, exercise and eat well are going to deal with stress at some point – it’s just a part of life. But keeping your body topped up with the right vitamins and minerals ensures you’re on the right track to relaxation. A rested body will give you the energy and positivity to get on with your year in the best way possible.



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