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What are the health benefits of cranberries?

Posted on March 07 2019

What are the health benefits of cranberries?


Since the turn of the century, cranberries have been used as a folk remedy for the treatment of bacterial urinary tract infections (UTIs), which can cause frequent and uncomfortable urination.1 Many people turn to cranberries as an organic alternative to medicine, as they can help to restore your body’s harmony naturally.



What's the deal with cranberry tablets?

Cranberry extract tablets condense the health benefits of the cranberry fruit into a convenient dose and are a more effective option than those with added sugar, such as cranberry juice or dried cranberries.

Our high strength extract condenses over 7000mg into each small supplement and contains a minimum of 7% PACS, which are a group of compounds responsible for many of cranberry's bladder supportive effects.



How do cranberries help with bladder discomfort?

Cranberries were first used in a medical capacity in 1923. It was thought that cranberries acidified the urine, in turn killing the bacteria causing the UTI.2 More recently, scientific research has further investigated the effect cranberries have on UTIs but explain the effect differently.3

The idea is that Proanthocyanins (PACs) which are found in cranberries help prevent E. coli from attaching to cells in the urinary tract. This means the bacteria are flushed from the tract rather than being allowed to adhere, grow and cause discomfort or infections.

Cranberries can be consumed in different ways for their health benefits, including dried cranberries, cranberry juice, or cranberry extract tablets. If you’re unsure about the taste or the amount of sugar in cranberries, but want to reap the benefits, then cranberry tablets could be the best option for you.



Why take cranberry tablets?

Cranberry extract tablets are a great option for people who want to experience some of the health benefits of cranberries in a convenient, concentrated form. As well as providing natural bladder support, they deliver several other health benefits.

Rich in vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants, their health benefits are sometimes overlooked. Cranberry extract is great source of powerful antioxidants to boost your overall health.4 Cranberries pack in more antioxidants ounce-for-ounce than other 'superfoods,' such as spinach, blueberries, or even green tea.

Antioxidants are compounds that neutralize free radicals when they are formed. The human body is capable of producing antioxidants naturally, but under conditions of stress this antioxidant production can be severely impaired.5 So, cranberries naturally support your overall health, as well as your bladder health.



What to remember

If you’re looking for another way to keep inflammation and bacteria at bay, a daily dose of cranberry extract is a great way to start. If you’re suffering from bladder discomfort, this natural extract can go a long way in getting you back on track.  



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