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The top 3 benefits of salmon

Posted on August 12 2019

The top 3 benefits of salmon


You might associate salmon with omega-3s, but it has a host of other benefits, too. From protein to protective antioxidants, the nutrient content of salmon makes it one of the most popular fish out there. Here are just a few of the ways it can benefit your health.


It helps fight inflammation

Salmon has been linked to a whole host of anti-inflammatory benefits. It contains bioactive peptides, which are basically tiny protein molecules, that help control inflammation in your body. One of these molecules, called calcitonin, is known to increase, regulate, and stabilize collagen synthesis in your body’s cartilage. So, it helps prevent pesky problems with your bones and joints.

It’s also packed with omega-3s. The EPA and DHA fatty acids in salmon are key for keeping inflammation in your body under control. In fact, salmon is one of the best sources of these essential fats, which have significant benefits for your body. Not only are they linked with decreased inflammation, but also help to protect your heart and brain.



It’s a quality source of protein

It doesn’t get much better than fish when it comes to healthy sources of protein, and salmon is no exception. The protein content helps to maintain muscles, aids in the healing process and keeps your bones healthy. A high protein diet also leads to increased glucose production which should help you feel full for longer. If you’re looking to reduce your overall calorie intake or simply to replace empty calories with high-quality sources of nutrition, salmon protein is your new best friend.


It's high in Vitamin D

Good food sources of vitamin D are few and far between. However, both canned and fresh salmon offer up all the vitamin D you need per day in just one portion, making it the perfect option for a boost of the ‘sunshine vitamin’. While all nutrients play a crucial role in maintaining your health, vitamin D is especially important as it’s essential for nearly every single function in your body. It impacts bone health, blood pressure, immunity, heart health and even your mood. Wild salmon is the best source, packing 165% of the RDI. So if you’re after a vitamin D top up, look to salmon for a substantial source.



What to remember

Whether you eat it smoked in a bagel, or raw in sushi, this fish is packed with nutrients to fuel your body and health. Not only is it a powerful source of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is also a great protein option that helps improve brain health and protect against inflammation. It’s versatile and widely available, although it can become a pricey habit if you take a fancy to it. Frozen or canned salmon are great options when you’re budgeting because they still contain some great nutrition. Whatever way you work it into your diet, you’ll be sure to reap plenty of health benefits.