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When's the best time to take your supplements?

Posted on March 21 2019

When's the best time to take your supplements?


Timing can really boost or reduce your supplements’ effectiveness. You’re probably well aware of the benefits health supplements can have your body and mind, but it’s also important to know how to get the most from the vitamins and minerals you’re taking. One way to do this is by paying attention to the clock.

Making a note of when you’re taking your supplements can help them be better absorbed by your body, as well as preventing any kind of stomach upset if you’re sensitive to certain vitamins. Get the most from your supplements by taking note of when’s best to take what:



Most of your supplements can be taken with your breakfast first thing. This includes your daily multivitamin, B Vitamins and Vitamin C. Not only will this help to start your day off right, but breakfast is a pretty convenient time to remember to take your vitamins. You can start taking water-soluble vitamins in the morning and keep topping up throughout the day, as they aren’t stored by the body, so need to be obtained often.



If the afternoon is an easier time for you to take your supplements, then most can be consumed at lunch time instead of breakfast. As lunch is usually a bigger meal, it can help prevent any stomach issues if you're particularly sensitive to any supplements. Lunch is a good time to take any supplements that need to be consumed alongside dietary fats.



Most vitamins and minerals are best taken in the daytime, but if you’re supplementing for sleep, taking your supplements before bed is the best way to benefit. Other supplements best taken in the evening are those that need to be taken on an empty stomach, so they have time to work while you’re asleep. 5-HTP and Magnesium Glycinate are often taken for their effect on sleep and should both be taken about an hour before bedtime.


What to remember

Remember, there’s no wrong way to take your vitamins as long as you’re doing so in the correct dosage. The right amount of anything isn't going to have a negative effect on your health. But taking note of how to spread your supplements throughout the day will help your body get the most out of each one and keep you as healthy as possible!


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