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The powerful benefits of Zinc

Posted on November 12 2018

The powerful benefits of Zinc


You can improve many different aspects of your health and wellbeing by keeping up your intake of Zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral, meaning that your body can’t produce it, so you’ve got to get enough of it via your diet. Lots of people are aware of Zinc’s immune boosting properties, but there are plenty of other benefits that make this mineral important for a healthy body and mind. Here’s a few we’ve put together for you:



1) Zinc helps your hair stay healthy

Zinc helps you maintain the health of your hair and skin,[1] so getting enough of this mineral can help to improve the appearance of both. If you’re lacking in Zinc, it can ultimately lead to hair loss, so it’s vital you’re giving your body enough of what it needs.



2) It benefits your skin

Sensitive skin is often a result of oxidative stress. So, if you’re not getting enough antioxidant foods in your diet, you may experience skin irritation. Zinc has properties that fight irritation, so a diet rich in Zinc may help calm skin. It can also help support the skin’s regeneration process by encouraging re-epithelialization[2] (the process of skin repairing itself).




3) It boosts your brain health!

Zinc plays a powerful role in neuroprotection (protecting brain cells) and promoting healing processes in the brain & nervous system.[3] It plays a vital role in communication between the neurons in the brain’s learning and memory centre and helps your brain to age healthily.[4]




4) Zinc helps you cope with a cold

If you find yourself suffering from colds all the time, there’s a possibility you might need more Zinc. It keeps your immune system in check and helps fight off infections,[5] keeping you healthy and happy. Proper nutrition is key for keeping your immune system strong, so keeping up your Zinc intake can help give your body the extra boost it needs.




5) It’s great for digestion

Zinc plays an important role in producing digestive enzymes and can help prevent a few gastrointestinal issues.[6] If you’re suffering from a lack of Zinc in your diet, you might experience digestive issues, so it’s best to make sure you’re getting enough of this mineral.




6) It naturally balances your hormones

Zinc has a positive impact on your body’s hormones. You need enough Zinc for your body to create hormones, and your body also needs sufficient levels of Zinc to maintain a proper balance of hormones. Zinc ensures the right level of thyroid hormones, helps progesterone production and is also important for sex hormones and reproduction.[7] 


What to remember

We all need Zinc for a healthy body. Your body can’t store zinc, so you need to get enough of it each day. Though it’s only needed in trace amounts, Zinc is a vital nutrient and a deficiency can cause troublesome effects. If you’re taking a supplement to keep your Zinc levels healthy, try a chelated version, which is more readily absorbed by your body.



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